Keep up to date with the development of the manufacturing sector which is moving rapidly through these years toward the digititalization process of the circular economy and productive flexibility. 3 independent halls answering to the specific market needs and differents purchasing processes:

The extensive selection of subcontracting
The unique Italian trade fair with an exhibition dedicated to Revamping
Focus on Turning
Meeting of the requirements of small, medium and large enterprises

What is Mecfor

The event, organized as a joint venture between the partners, will combine in an innovative way 3 sections corresponding to as many independent exhibitions perfectly in tune with the market demand for productive flexibility and innovative machinery that meets sustainability criteria. Three sections and two different and synergistic industrial visions: that of manufacturing industry, on the one hand, and of subcontracting on the other.

Why Parma

A district of excellence

Able to offer to the exhibitors a space that has been proven to be highly suitable for the display of machinery and technologies in a region renowned for its technological excellence.

Modern exhibition center

Visitors access – thanks to Parma’s central location in relation to Italy’s industrial regions – to a modern and comfortable exhibition centre hosting a large amount of different companies and ideas.

Relationship networking

The upcoming exhibition will be able to take advantage of the strong national and international network of relations that the exhibition centre has built over time due to events such as SPS and CIBUS TEC and the past decades presence of SUBFORNITURA in Parma.

The benefits