It’s the traditional Fiere di Parma trade show, which will be relaunched within the new format, returning to its original prominent position. It will present a complete range of products and solutions – from mechanics to plastics and electronics – and will be dedicated to operators interested in acquiring services by outsourcing some of their operations in both traditional and more innovative sectors.
It will show how machine tools can, if adequately retrofitted and equipped with new features, enjoy a second life, thus meeting new demand requirements that differ from the original ones (when sold
as a new product). This is an interesting proposition for the user, who can find a more convenient solution in economic terms without compromising on quality, given the high level of the REVAMPING machines, which all comply with the criteria required by Industry 4.0.
The value of the products and solutions at this exhibition lies also in their ability to meet the requirements of sustainable production both in an economic and in a social and environmental sense, in line with the circular economy approach which is becoming increasingly influential in the world of heavy industry.

RETROFITTING will showcase a wide selection of retrofitted machine tools on which general maintenance and updating has been carried out.
Revamping and Retrofitting include all machine tools, both removal and forming ones (sheet metal cutting machines, laser cutting, presses, turning machines, machining centres, milling, boring, threading, tube and metal wire processing machines, etc. ) as well as robots and industrial automation.

The machine tool par excellence, the lathe, is one of the first and most widespread production systems operating in the sector of chip removal machines. Italy boasts exceptional expertise in this specific
area, an expression of the ingenuity of countless companies, mostly located in the Northern Italian regions of Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino.
The TURNING exhibition is dedicated to them and of their technologies.